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If you have just moved to Sarnia, Ontario, this website is your best place to find the house or townhouse or apartment or other rental unit you are looking for. Keep coming back over and over again until you find your new home.

What are your rental needs? A little 1-bedroom apartment? Or a large 4-bedroom house? Maybe you just need a temporary townhouse until you find your new permanent home. Whatever your rental needs, please bookmark sarnia4rent.com. There will constantly be new listings posted by landlords and property managers. Every week a new rental unit available in Sarnia will be posted for you to check out.

So whether you are a prospective Lambton College student, or a chemical valley worker, or a senior looking for retirement housing, or a family, your rental housing needs can be satisfied through sarnia4rent.com.

If you are moving to Sarnia, for rent needs, check sarnia4rent.com.

Apartment owners from all over the city are posting their listings here on sarnia4rent.com. So you will find that wherever in Sarnia you want to live, an apartment unit or house will be available to you. Places for rent in Sarnia are many!

Our site is fully searchable. Use the purple box on the top left of the search results page to narrow your search for the rental place you are looking for.
• By doing this you can find only the rental units that are 1-bedroom or 3-bedroom.
• Or maybe you can only afford a certain amount of rent. Narrow your search to find only those apartments where the rent is less than $600/month.
• Or maybe you are looking for a certain type of unit. Narrow your search to find only townhouses, or only apartments, or only furnished apartments or houses, or maybe a room for rent even!

You can also sort your results in order by rent value, or by the number of bedrooms in the apartment, or by the most recently listed rental units, or by the date the apartment or house is available to rent.

The team who built sarnia4rent.com are all landlords as well, so we have a vested interest in making this the best site for landlords to advertise their vacant rental units and for tenants to find a vacant rental unit. We want to smooth the process of tenants and landlords making the connection.

If you have any questions about the site, or comments, or ideas, please click on the ‘contact us’ link and pass on your advertising-a-rental-unit wisdom to us!

From the team at sarnia4rent.com, we wish you all the best in your search for a new place to rent in Sarnia and Lambton county! God bless!

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